• Breastfeeding counsellor since 1997
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2003
  • Recertification as an IBCLC in 2008 by CERPs
  • Recertification as an IBCLC in 2013 by exam
  • Recertification as an IBCLC in 2018 by CERPs
  • Certification as a Baby Massage Instructor in 2008
  • Certification as an Infant Massage Instructor in 2010
  • Certification in crisis management for pregnancy, birth and early childhood (excessive crying, sleepless and demanding babies) in 2013

    As a lactation consultant, I have to recertificate every 5 years by at least 75 continuing education points (CERPs). Every 10 years I have to pass the IBLCE examination, which is the highest qualification in human lactation at university level.