From the very beginning support with any questions and issues. In order to have a good start, it is essential to ensure a good milk supply right away and avoid common problems like: insufficient milk supply, sore nipples, pain, engorgement and mastitis. 


Support in developping a good and joyful breastfeeding relationship during the early weeks and months by answering questions and working on concerns.

Support and preparation around returning to work by providing necessary information about: breast-pumps, storing and handling breast milk, getting oneself and the family organized and Luxembourg law on breastfeeding.

Support when the baby is ready for solids: how to recognize whether the baby is ready, how to start, which food to give, how to prepare the food, which food to avoid and how to behave in case of allergies.

Support with special situations: such as babies born prematurely or babies and mothers with special issues or circumstances.

Information on breastfeeding a toddler.

Support in finding the best way to wean babies.